Hetero Drugs bags marketing rights for hepatitis C drug from Gilead

India, Hyderabad, 15th September 2014: Hetero Drugs has obtained licensing Rights to manufacture and market Sofosbuvir and combination drug Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir with approval from Gilead Sciences Inc., USA.

As per an agreement signed by the Hyderabad-based, Hetero Drugs today with Gilead, it can market the drug in 90 countries. These include the territories of India, Asia Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa and other least developed countries.

According to Vamsi Krishna Bandi, Director of the company, the licensing association marks a significant milestone in ensuring the medicines are accessible globally and strongly address a public healthcare issue. The drug is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.

Hetero Drugs is an established developer, manufacturer and marketer of pharmaceuticals and their active ingredients through their 30 manufacturing facilities across the globe and 200 products portfolio. It has a leading role in bringing affordable HIV medicines in developing countries.

“The company is committed to bring hepatitis C medicines to India, where about 1.8 per cent of the population, affected by the problem would benefit. Through this agreement will provide access to affordable medicines”, said Dr. BPS Reddy, the group Chairman in a statement here.

Hetero will leverage its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to quickly scale up to meet the huge demand of the medicines and offer them at competitive prices.