About Us

A Desire Beyond Measures

Responding to the world's evolving health needs, Hetero Biopharma represents our desire and commitment to focus on making affordable medicines accessible to patients worldwide.

As the leading developer of biosimilars within the Hetero Group, Hetero Biopharma is steadily establishing itself with unparalleled strengths in providing the best pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities across the globe.

Values that Set Us Apart

Every day, we are driven by a purpose to develop affordable medicines that will help meet the health needs of everyone on the planet. Throughout our internal operations and relations with customers, partners, and shareholders, our core values serve as a guide in achieving that.





Our Defining Feature

We make complex biosimilars Affordable, Available, and Accessible globally to reach out to every patient in need.

Our global regulatory and clinical expertise enables us to rapidly launch niche and complex products using cutting-edge technology. This will address the major challenge of therapy adherence by making biosimilars affordable.

Our flexible business model, which addresses country-specific requirements, allows us to make complex biosimilars available.

We are committed to making the biosimilars and clinical information accessible to all stakeholders through various channels and digital platforms.

Our Strengths

Bringing together diverse strengths to achieve a common goal, from bench to bedside.

Our Strengths

Bringing together diverse strengths to achieve a common goal, from bench to bedside.

R&D Capabilities: With state-of-the-art R&D facilities and skilled scientists, biosimilars can achieve the highest levels of QSE (quality, safety, and efficacy) processes, and they can be developed quickly using Hetero's platform technology.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing facilities for biologics deploy the latest technology, including single-use and state-of-the-art equipment from reputed companies, providing enough capacity to manufacture and cater to large markets, with ample scope for expansion. Additionally, they are built and operated according to cGMP standards.

Regulatory Affairs & Clinical Expertise: Capable of providing CTD and e-CTD forms of dossiers as per ICH and other major international formats. The Clinical Development and Medical Affairs [CDMA] team complies with global regulatory requirements and supports clinical evaluation from phase I to IV and pharmacovigilance programs.

Project Management:From planning to execution, our exclusive project team possesses hands-on experience in successfully transferring different technology models across various geographies.

Global Business Operations: As a result of our in-depth knowledge of biosimilar commercial pathways, we can overcome entry barriers to the early commercialization of biosimilars. Our flexible business model reflects our passion for introducing complex biosimilars to emerging markets through strategic partnerships.